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low cost

our  sanitary  products will be provided to customers at very reasonable price


low maintenance

our parts of the product can be easily replaced and available at  affordable price  and maintenance are very low


Impressive  Design

our products are available in

unique designs and  different  styles  which match today’s world


Easy to use

our product is designed in such a way that it is easy to operate by foot and hand as well


In this  COVID-19 breakout,it is very essential to take care of hygiene. Here we introduce a product to dry sanitize all of your belongings like a mask, mobile, fruits, vegetables, parcel, grocery, etc.

Interactive Design

Fascinating designs are introduced in this product, a wardrobe shaped UV-chamber with  simple and outstanding look. Easily can match with any ambiance.

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High effective UV-C germicidal lamps,High capacity UV-chamber,Automatic timer based control,Auto cut-off post completion of Sterlizing,Door switch to ensure safety measures.

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In all aspects, liquid sanitizers are not convenient to use,so here our product is overcoming this problem,it is very easy to use,simple wardrobe like  UV- chamber,indicators are provided for safety measures and automatic timer based control.

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Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

This is a fully Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser  Machine that can dispense the Sanitizer as soon the user’s hand comes near to the nozzle of the machine .This machine has a sensor that detects the human hand and dispense the sanitizer over it. ASD machine is a best way to prevent the transfer of virus


Interactive Design

New Designs are explored in this product,This product is having an attractive apperance

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Fully Automatic,Low power consumption,Full metallic Body for high robustness,WaterProof body,

One year warranty.Tank capacity,10 Litres,5 Litres.

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This product is very easy to operate,no special care is required,easy to handle.Our product  carries 6kg weight for 10 Litres,and  4 Kg  for 5 Litres,contactless machine was introduced to reduce the Transmission of virus.


our concern is to provide an unique products  and  satisfaction to customer is our privilege


Our Vision behind this innovation  is  to eradicate  the problems associated with hygiene ,water scarcity and  to promote cleanliness .our  products in  sanitary sector will help to make a difference.


our sanitary product is complete mechanically operated ,no electrical and no electronic equipment are used and plus point of our product is that we provided a two water controlling valve which is operated by foot and hand simultaneously

What Our Clients Say

“this is the one of most unique product i  have ” seen in my life ,very usefull and simple to use ,i love it

Akshat patel
software engineer

“this is  good  and  there is an less water  consumption,i think your product is far better

Devendra maurya
Electrical engineer

“I  run sanitaryware store  and your product is bit different from others  and i hope for the best “

Manoj chakrawarty

Our Awesome Team




Swatantra kumar Prajapati

Inventor,founder & CEO

A Mechanical Engineer ,7+ year experience in designing  and primarily focused in innovation and willing to contribute in our society with exceptional and innovative ideas



Vandana Prajapati

Co-founder & CFO

An enthusiastic,enterpreneur  ,holding  many years of experience in management and managing all the financial aspects of our company



Vivek Singh

Co-founder  & CTO

An Electronics Engineer and  entrepreneur having   many years of experience in project management  as well as in Research and Developement



Abhishek Ghosh

Creative Director

An Electronic engineer  having many years of experience in creative designing, advertising,

copywriting and much more and a key member of Research and Developement  team



Arun Singh

Software Engineer

A Software Engineer having a year of experience in android application development and a key member of Research and Development team



Muskan Chakrawarty

Software Engineer

A Software engineer having a year of experience in web Development and IoT and a key member of Research and Development



Akhilesh  Singh

Marketing Manager

An Enthusaist holding a year of experiences in marketing and sales ,also entitled with good marketing strategy









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